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Saturday 5:00 PM Parish
Sunday 8:00 AM Parish
Sunday 11:00 AM Parish
Monday thru Friday 6:45 AM Good Shepherd Chapel
Monday 7:00 PM Parish
Wednesday 7:00 PM Parish
Note: Every first Wednesday of the month Mass will be in the Chapel.
         Open to the Public following Diocese Protocols and at 50% capacity.

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Wednesday 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM Parish
Note: Every first Wednesday of the month Adoration is not Livestreamed.
         Open to the Public following Diocese Protocols and at 50% capacity.

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Saturday 4:30 PM Parish
Sunday 10:30 AM Parish
Note: Also by appointment via e-mail or contacting the parish office at 813-626-7588.

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Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM Parish
Saturday - Sunday 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM Parish
Note: Open to the Public following Diocese Protocols and at 50% capacity.

 Pastor's Weekly Message

For the Weekend of October 17, 2021

Dear People of God,

Moving ever closer to the end of this current liturgical year, the message of the Gospel today becomes important for us in our efforts to understand the mysteries which it presents to us. It’s important also for us if we are to get a feel for what Jesus was thinking as he made his final journey from northern Israel to Jerusalem.

Jesus’ Third Prediction of the Passion comes immediately before the reading for today, but it sets the tone and it gives you a feel for what is to follow.

He tells them, “I am going there (Jerusalem) because it’s my Father’s will that I die, but I will rise again.”

His disciples were following Jesus...and they were amazed and fearful. They knew he was going straight into the jaws of the lion’s den...but still they followed.

In this frame of mind, Jesus begins to tell his disciples what he is about to undergo, what was soon about to happen. He must have felt very alone. He tried to tell them that their journey to Jerusalem was not a triumphal victory march over the Romans, but the death of their dreams, for the suffering servant of God the Father had to suffer and die for our sins. May we understand today what his disciples struggled to grasp then.

While we must acknowledge evil in our world, we cannot ultimately let it affect us. We must believe that the evil one will ultimately be defeated. This truth should afford us hope and renew our trust in the power of God today. How apropos is this message in the context of what’s going on in our country and the world today? From Seattle to Chicago, from New York to Boston...from Tampa and Miami to Phoenix and Los Angeles...from big city to small town, the effects of the evil one are easy to see and difficult to miss. We cannot, we must not, let the weeds of the devil destroy our faith, or our hope and trust in the words and promises of Jesus.

In Poinciana, FL today, the sun is shining and the promise of a new and beautiful day is in the making once again. I certainly hope and pray it is the same for all of you as well. Peace to one and all. Stay strong and be assured that God loves you all. Please pray for Alice Gabriel, Sandra Oliva, Josie Martinez, Joe Brocato, Patricia McCarthy, Sam & Vivian Diaz, Elaine & Alan Jones, Tom Epp, Leo & Lili Letourneau, Rosie Gratz, Janice Murphy, Zenaida Torres, Antonio Flores Imogene Rodrigues, Mike & Robin Nasco, Pat Marshall, and all of our other sick and homebound.

Please remember our CRTSH students, faculty and administration, and finally our senior Salesians at St. Philip Residence.

Please be assured of my daily prayers for you all. If you have the time or the inclination, please check out my Wednesday Words from the pastor on YouTube.

As usual please remember to pray for all of the Salesians in our presence here at MHC . . . especially those at St. Philip Residence. Be assured we will be doing the same for you.

Peace Always!

Fr. Steve Dumais, SDB.

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